rule the living room with NVIDIA® SHIELD™ 4K entertainment + apps-powered by android TV




for more than two decades NVIDIA® has been pioneering visual computing, the art and science of computer graphics. with the invention of its specialized graphics processing unit (GPU), NVIDIA® has opened the door to bringing incomparable high resolution imagery to medical diagnosis, movie production, product design, scientific research and video games. the company pushes this further with its latest consumer product: the NVIDIA® SHIELD™ android TV box — the first smart TV console of its kind.


the NVIDIA® SHIELD™ offers an extensive collection of applications which brings you apps, games and the content you love — from your favourite TV shows to blockbuster movies, news and live sports to viral videos — all enjoyed from the comforts of your own home.





NVIDIA® SHIELD™ is the next generation in streaming media players, designed to deliver unprecedented 4K resolution TV shows and movies through popular apps powered by android including KODI (XBMC), netflix 4K, plex and youtube. the device comes pre-loaded with google’s ecosystem of apps, presenting a dynamic range of movies and TV shows: just say ‘launch netflix’ or ‘oscar-winning movies’ and let google’s voice search and command do the work; or use google cast to download shows or pictures to your TV from your android, PC or iOS device to your TV.


in addition to an extensive library of movie and TV shows, the SHIELD™ offers NVIDIA® GeForce NOW™– your game library in the sky. the first cloud-gaming service stream ups to 1080p at 60 frames per second directly from NVIDIA®’s supercomputers in the cloud, directly to one’s living room. more than 50 popular PC games can be streamed, giving members the option to buy and engage in a new generation of multiplayer action from the connected online store more immediately. the ultra-low latency SHIELD™ controller comes as part of the bundle, and makes gaming easy and instant.

NVIDIA® SHIELD™ puts you in command.




the NVIDIA® SHIELD™ comes equipped with vivid 10-bit color and dolby 7.1 surround sound, resulting in extraordinary home theater entertainment, giving you complete control of what you watch, play or listen to. share the experience with family or friends; or plug your headphones into your SHIELD™ controller or remote for a private listening experience. NVIDIA® SHIELD™ puts you in command.