officine rossopuro mixes high technical manufacturing + handcraft in lvpvs alpha bike
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thanks to the synergy between italian companies walter tosto SpA (operating in the industrial components field for oil and gas) and officine rossopure (restyling and customization of motorcycles) the ‘lvpvs alpha’ was born, perfectly combining creativity, design, and technology. the name chosen for the motorcycle references the wolf, a very much appreciated animal present both in the abruzzo region in italy and in russia. the addition of the term alpha indicated the dominant specimen of a pack, and it was this predominant temper the one that forged the bike.

officine rossopuro lvpvs alpha designboom
industrial design motorcycle 




the motorbike mixes a moto guzzi california 1400 with a power-cruiser frame created by filippo barbacane. the concept was to use uncommon innovative materials and a design which would recall typical industrial design manufacturing, on some parts, while keeping and exalting an artisan flavor. ninety percent of the vehicle was handcrafted, with most of its components made in-house by walter tosto. the only exceptions were the chassis and the V twin engine.

officine rossopuro lvpvs alpha designboom
handcraft front fork 




the gider-type front fork, completely designed and built in ergal (7075 aluminum alloy), was the first part from which the entire design was originated. it makes use of an adjustable mono-shock absorber (ohlins), which was purposefully modified. the rear fork was also made with this material and has a suspension system that works in extension, contrary to the original ones that do with compression. a voluminous electric system was placed where the original tank goes and is protected by a carbon cover, leaving the front of the motorcycle extremely clean. the chassis model was created in the best possible traditional way, by starting from a block of material manually operated, which turned into the shape that adapted better to the motor and mechanical parts.

officine rossopuro lvpvs alpha designboom
carbon fiber body




the wheel rim is another strong point of the ‘lvpvs alpha’. its particular design counterposes the radial braking system, with disks of 415mm, and the six pistons caliper brakes in incoloy 800. attention to detail was so important that even the leather upholstery of the seat was made specially by italian artisans who added custom graphics. finally, the lighthouse, whose origin is not revealed, has been reworked, reversed, modified and accepted by a complex aluminum structure that integrates seamlessly into the fork, acting almost as an aerodynamic fairing.

officine rossopuro lvpvs alpha designboom
rear swing arm made in avional 

officine rossopuro lvpvs alpha designboom
stock engine

officine rossopuro lvpvs alpha designboom
filippo barbacane design



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