japan good design award 2016: designboom has attended the award ceremony held during tokyo design week where okamoto’s ‘AGNI hutte wooden stove’ has been honored.


japanese society demands that ‘good design’ projects should contain elements suitable for a mature society. the japan good design award program’s jury scrutinized entries not only for their beauty and aesthetic appeal but mainly for their social impact. different from previous years — from the perspective of safety and security — quite a few entries this year aim to help prepare for emergencies. isao suiz, designer of the ‘AGNI hutte’ model, told designboom that the use of wooden stoves is preferable to other gas heating equipment during earthquakes, typhoons, or other natural disasters. also, the coniferous forest area has become 36% of the total land in japan – burning this wood puts a resource from beneficial forest thinning in japan to good use.




about the AGNI hutte wood stove: AGNI means fire and connotes the vedic fire god of hinduism. for the japan-based company okamoto co,ltd., AGNI means efficient wood burning stoves that go beyond, giving the living space a traditional look with added supplemental heating capabilities. with their latest combustion technology, the AGNI hybrid system is a structure that decomposes secondary air taken from the back by warming in the baffle plate, performing clean combustion and decomposing unburned gas after combustion through the catalyst.

cooking plate on the top 



furthermore, the heat storage plate just above the catalyst absorbs the combustion gas and enhances the combustion efficiency of the stove. with conventional combustion methods, coniferous trees — such as thinned timber — when dealing with high-temperature combustion burn out quickly resulting in disadvantage. the stove can also burn cedar and cypress more efficiently, overcoming the difficulty of its use as firewood.  


illustrated criteria for the g-mark award: cooking plate, four hooks are provided to attach a shelf to keep food warm, the burning system illustrated, front view

features on the okamoto AGNI hutte wood stove include a spacious firebox so you don’t have to keep refilling it




okamoto designer isao suiz and water mark design lab at the g-mark good design award ceremony
image © designboom





the GOOD DESIGN award was founded in 1957 by the japanese ministry of international trade and industry and is hosted by the japan institute for design promotion. the ‘g mark’ emblem reflects comprehensive design values and principles that aim to enrich lives, industries and society.