milan design week 2017: turin-based olivelab studio presents the EQUILIBRIO lamp, designed based on two forces: gravity and magnetic attraction. in other words, it draws influence from ‘the constant equilibrium among the fundamental forces that gives life to our universe’. 

olivelab equilibrio lamp designboom
EQUILIBRIO desk: playing with magnetic attraction



winner of the second place at the LAMP international light competition 2016, the EQUILIBRIO lamp by olivelab consists of two symmetric tubes with magnetic rings at each of their ends. the first tube is made of anodized aluminium with LEDs, while the second is a sanded plexiglass light diffuser. most importantly, when the two ends are close, the magnetic force is strong enough to challenge gravity – letting the lamp magically floats in the air, in a constant state of equilibrium.

olivelab equilibrio lamp designboom
detail of magnetic attraction between the two ends



thanks to its design, EQUILIBRIO can have a more diffused light when the two ends of the lamp are perfectly aligned, allowing the light to spread from bottom to top part. breaking the balance by taking the lower part, the light can be used as a direct source to point in any direction. 

olivelab equilibrio lamp designboom
EQUILIBRIO wall: a series of  lamps create a light separé



with the same concept, olivelab creates the desk version, and the wall: a light separé that can be used as a divisor in homes and working spaces. ‘the design is clean and simple, balanced also from an aesthetic point of view: white and black, light and darkness,’ as stated by olivelab. 

olivelab equilibrio lamp designboom
EQUILIBRIO desk , black matte finishing

olivelab equilibrio lamp designboom
EQUILIBRIO lighting family



EQUILIBRIO kickstarter video
video from OliveLab



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