‘lady LED,’ designed by omri barzeev

‘lady LED,’ created by israeli designer omri barzeev, offers an example of the ways common materials can be used in inventive combinations. the desk lamp uses three small but strong LED lights as its light source. its legs double as a movement mechanism, easily permitting the height and angle of the lamp to be modified by simply sliding the copper tube higher or lower.

omri barzeev: lady LED the height and angle of the lamp is easily adjusted by sliding the copper tube

the clean look of the lamp was accomplished by using a heat shrinking tube rather than screws to hold the LEDs in place. by placing the LEDs inside the tube and then heating it, the material shrinks down over the LED lights, locking them in position and keeping a soft, natural look to the line of the lamp.

omri barzeev: lady LED the light in use

the project actually began unintentionally, when barzeev used a heat shrink tube to fix a broken usb flash drive case. upon noticing light shining through the case when it was inserted into the computer, barzeev began experimenting with the tubing for use in a lamp, eventually designing ‘lady LED.’

omri barzeev: lady LED detail view of the shrink tube enveloping the LEDs

omri barzeev: lady LED view of lamphead with LED lights off (left) and on (right)

omri barzeev: lady LED detail view of legs

omri barzeev: lady LED left: detail view of shrink tubing over LEDs in the project’s experimental phase right: full view of the ‘lady LED’ prototype