on air by noaa eshel protects a toothbrush, but not your ears
all images courtesy of monkey business




‘on air’ was conceived by frequent toothbrush-carrier noaa eshel for israeli company, monkey business. during conceptualization, various versions of iconic vintage microphones were examined. a rectangular streamline microphone was chosen, aside from aesthetics, to accommodate thousands of toothbrushes.


eshel researched toothbrush sizes and shapes, and tested countless ways to hold the brush in place. after many mockups, a final shape and proportion were chosen and ‘on air’ was born. the cover is made of plastic, but don’t let that deter from rehearsing your friday night karaoke routine.

the cover turns any toothbrush into a mini-microphone

‘on air’ protects toothbrush during travel

eshel’s design went through many variations to find ways to hold brushes in place


preliminary sketches and ideations

an attempt at holding the brush that made a mirror image of bristles

testing for different brushes

on air by noaa eshel protects a toothbrush, but not your ears
‘on air’ prototypes 

two variations 

renderings for both designs, the rectangular version on the right was chosen for production




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