‘animobile’ by ori mishkal

ori mishkal, a student of the belzalel design academy in jerusalem, has sent us images from his recent work ‘animobile’. the toy project brings together the childhood appeal of both animals and machines. the hybrid creatures were matched by shape– the melding of similar animal and vehicle forms. the three actualized animobile were the ‘pig + concrete blender’, ‘giraffe + crane’, and the ‘hippo + street cleaner’. 

ori mishkal: animobile‘hippo + street cleaner’

ori mishkal: animobile ‘pig + concrete blender’

ori mishkal: animobile‘giraffe + crane’

ori mishkal: animobileconceptual sketch of a snail-mobile

ori mishkal: animobile drawing of a insect-a-cycle

ori mishkal: animobilesketch of a turtle tank

ori mishkal: animobileconceptual drawing of a centi-tank