founded by oskar peet and sophie mensen, os and oos is an eindhoven-based design studio whose work aims to find balance between form, material and their relation to the surroundings and user. their projects, although highly-sculptural, border the line of design and autonomous objects, resulting in products that have both an artistic expression with an industrial side. made for zurich-based gallery roehrs & boetsch, ‘perspective no. 1’ and ‘perspective no. 2’ are two clear examples of how they work and what they aim for when they create.

all images by jeroen van der wielen



presented during dutch design week, the ‘perspective’ series by os and oos are two sculptural objects that tease the eye while they captivate it. they are composed of reduced forms that create the simplest volumes while being self-supporting. made of polarized glass sheets, the different layers have been juxtaposed in order to offer different viewing experiences. the different perceptions change depending on where the viewer is standing or how the different glass layers have been rotated.




in ‘perspective no. 1’ the user is invited to interact with the piece by moving it around. the different combinations of the surfaces change the way the sculpture showcases itself. ‘perspective no.2’ has the ability to move itself by rotating one or both of the circular discs, resulting in the revelation of the different transparencies. when talking about both pieces the studio comments that ‘… both thrive in combination with ambient light, the immateriality of light can be made physical through the use of the filters; as light waves move vertically and horizontally, the user can therefore play with the ability to block these wavelengths and in a way, make light a tangible material.’