image: oscar diaz

london based designer oscar diaz is working on a project where he re-designs objects bought at a 1 pound shop in london, including this tiny flashlight. the larger project was created for an exhibition called ‘10 x 3: 10 jours, 10 objets,  £10’ at the ‘a suivre…’ gallery in bordeaux, france. the standard flashlight is one of the results from the project which is based off a single 9 volt battery. rather that emulate a more expensive product, the design is simply an extension of the battery. the 9 volt battery is an ideal base since it is the only battery with a clip that doubles as a connector. the lamp simply clips onto the battery and uses it for power. glow-in-the-dark paint shows the polarities of the battery and a small strap helps the user keep hold.

oscar diaz: standard flashlightimages: oscar diaz

oscar diaz: standard flashlightimage: oscar diaz