oscar lhermitte goes under cover




‘under cover’ project by paris-born, london-based product designer oscar lhermitte looks at the psychological perception of uniforms, its languages and its opportunities. for lhermitte, a uniform is a set of standard clothing worn by members of professions such as police, builders and the emergency services. each uniform tells a lot about the person’s background and its function in the context of use. the police uniform is symbol of authority, power, security and in some cases fear. every single person working in public space has to wear a high visible outfit, from builders to police officers. it is forbidden to impersonate a policeman, however it is legal for anyone to wear high visibility clothes.
 the ‘under cover’ jumper and collar have been designed for situations requiring authority, power, or simple expediency in everyday situations, including catching a bus at ones convenience.


‘under cover’ oscar lhermitte in a high vis jumper and collar catching the bus

‘under cover’ impersonating authority part 1


‘under cover’ impersonating authority part 2


‘under cover’ impersonating builders part 1


‘under cover’ impersonating builders part 2


oscar lhermitte goes under cover still shot from his under cover impersonation

oscar lhermitte goes under cover still shot from his under cover impersonations

oscar lhermitte goes under cover oscar lhermitte standing outside the city of london police office