‘functional damage’ helmrinderknecht, berlin march 27- may 22, 2010

detail of ‘kink chair’

german design duo osko + deichmann present ‘kink’, a new series of tubular steel furniture at the helmrinderknecht contemporary design gallery in berlin. the designs, which derives its final form and function by means of a damaging process uses tubing that is functionally folded, dented and kinked.

osko + deichmann: kink furnituredetail of ‘kink cantilever chair’

the ‘damaged’ steel which would normally be regarded as a defect, is in fact integral to the furniture’s design.

osko + deichmann: kink furniture left: ‘kink chair’ right: ‘kink cantilever chair’‘kink’ includes a writing table, a cantilever chair, a sideboard, a shelf, a coffee table and a floor lamp whereby each piece is identified by a different kind of deformation. all exhibited objects are limited edition pieces and are exclusively available at helmrinderknecht contemporary design gallery.

osko + deichmann: kink furniture stackable ‘kink chair’

osko + deichmann’s first intensive involvement with bent and folded tubular steel was during last year’s 90th anniversary celebration of the bauhaus movement. for the exhibition, ‘happy birthday bauhaus’, they created the ‘straw chair’, a functional homage to the classic freischwinger cantilever chair made of curved, tubular steel. since then, the design duo have spent much of their time manually manipulating metal tubing, deforming it with kinks, dents and bends.

osko + deichmann: kink furniture ‘kink chair’

osko + deichmann: kink furniture ‘kink table’

osko + deichmann: kink furniture‘kink coffee table’

osko + deichmann: kink furniture ‘kink shelf’

osko + deichmann: kink furniture detail view of shelf

osko + deichmann: kink furniture‘kink writing table’

osko + deichmann: kink furniture‘kink sideboard’

osko + deichmann: kink furnituredetail of sidebaord

osko + deichmann: kink furniture‘kink floor lamp’

osko + deichmann: kink furniture overview of ‘functional damage’ exhibition, berlin