Otherway with haircare brand THIX


London-based design studio Otherway wants people to stop walking and read what it has to say about haircare brand THIX. Simple typography will not deliver, so the team opts for chunky bold letters that subtly transition to serif style to playfully capture and retain the viewers’ attention.


To hold their gazes on THIX, Otherway veers from using a multitude of vibrant colors and settles instead in chucking in white and green. The alternating gentle shades halt people from their tracks without forcing them, piquing their interest in what the product is all about.

otherway thix
images courtesy of Otherway and THIX



Otherway collaborates with the haircare brand THIX to bring out the latter’s science-backed products. It pulls out its retro-inspired branding style from its design sleeves and slathers the packaging with big, bold, and beautiful typography.


It couples the design ‘with a single, stand-out color palette of fresh green, referencing the mint and eucalyptus scent,’ the studio writes. ‘The level-headed copy used across the launch content doesn’t over-promise, but encourages people to upgrade from their usual shampoo, to simply look after the hair they still have.’

otherway thix
posters for THIX



‘THIX’ without unnecessary, detailed texts


Otherway played around with the words ‘thick’ and ‘fix’. ‘Thick fix’ might not make sense, and ‘fix thick’ might be too long if they had to add another word. They wanted a buzzword that not only could be easily remembered by people but carry the brand on its own.


So, why not ‘THIX’? The word ticks off the boxes of what the haircare brand and Otherway are aiming for: created with high-quality ingredients, backed by science – for people who want to make their hair look and feel stronger and thicker.

otherway thix
Otherway opts for mint-shade green



Otherway scrubs off an intentional prelude and dishes from the get-go what the people can expect when they acquire the products. The design studio mellows out the colors and ditches unnecessary, detailed texts for the campaign.


The team tumbles into a line of posters that depict a hair storyline for the offline advertising while functional, easy-to-understand sections for the online design, all breaking down the science behind the haircare formula without going super science-y. THIX’s range of products includes caffeine-based shampoo, conditioner, and hair paste, designed in fully recyclable aluminum bottled and with no-fuss how-to-use instructions and a list of ingredients.

otherway thix
THIX’s products are designed in fully recyclable bottles

otherway thix
caffeine-infused shampoo

otherway thix
Otherway also worked on the website design

otherway thix
the design studio divides the site into sections



project info:


name: THIX Haircare

studio: Otherway