in light of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, italian design company, palomar, is launching a series of online workshops led by prominent contemporary designers. geared towards the next generation of innovators, the ‘palomarlabs’ hope to encourage the creation of new products that may prove relevant in the future.



a selection of final projects resulting from the workshops will be presented to the main commercial partners of the company (museum shops, concept stores and department stores around the world), marketed, and become part of the palomar catalog. in this way, young designers will have the opportunity to see their ideas put into production while garnering visibility on international design competitions.

palomarlabs design workshops for the new market 1

images courtesy of palomarlabs



led by dirk winkel, the urban biking workshop looks at how nowadays bicycles are no longer just a smart, sustainable and functional way of getting around the city. they have also become a symbol of a lifestyle that is committed to practicing and transmitting the positive values of contemporary living. this workshop aims to investigate the new meanings that the bicycle is taking on in urban life, both as regards its purely functional aspects and as regards its new vocation as an ‘object of desire’, regardless of its practical use.

palomarlabs design workshops for the new market 2



the cartography in the age of google maps workshop is helmed by martì guixè. cartographic products today represent one of the main product categories in the palomar catalog. the workshop questions how to expand the offer of this type of product, foreseeing new uses and applications, making the exploration of contemporary cities easier, more pleasant and engaging.

palomarlabs design workshops for the new market 3

martì guixè



led by sebastian bergne, the contemporary souvenir workshop explores the possible variations of the souvenir object in contemporary society and culture, expanding its meaning and role both within and outside the travel experience.

palomarlabs design workshops for the new market 4

sebastian bergne



with keiji takeuchi, the another perspective/another dimension workshop examines the daily tools that surround us. by objectively revisiting their presence in our life, we may find a way to uncover an unseen relationship or hidden dialogue with them. the aim of the workshop is to establish invisible emotional links and values by inviting all participants to review our extended life around everyday objects. it is a workshop of interaction, and the key is to find universal happiness and satisfaction.

palomarlabs design workshops for the new market 5

keiji takeuchi



the recent experience of forced isolation that has affected much of the world has led many of us to live in our homes for an extended period of time and with unprecedented intensity. it is conceivable that in the near future many activities will move within the home walls and that we will live in these spaces more than we did previously. the domestic spaces workshop, led by michel charlot, aims to outline a new category of products, which respond to the emerging needs in contemporary living spaces.

palomarlabs design workshops for the new market 6

michel charlot



the water workshop with francesco faccin aims to investigate and develop design solutions that help increase the awareness of the impact our lives have on the environment, encouraging users to adopt a lifestyle that is attentive to the use of the planet’s resources and is socially ethical in regard to the most disadvantaged populations. the course specifically investigates the identification, usability and transportation of a basic element that must be available to everyone. 



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event name: palomarlabs

design course leaders: sebastian bergne, michel charlot, francesco faccin, thelonius goupil, martì guixé, emanuele pizzolorusso, keiji takeuchi, dirk winkel

curator: paolo dell’elce

guests: martin meier – founder at intention design; mateo kries – director of vitra design museum; alison acampora – senior lead art sales and artist collaborations at royal academy of arts, london; albert lee – designer/curator for google hardware design team


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