pantone has just added 336 new colors to its collection

pantone has just unveiled 336 new colours in its ‘plus’ series, bringing the total of solid colour selections to 1677. the design team notes that the additions reflect primarily the selection of points within existing colour spaces to add nuances of tone, although the ‘plus’ series itself was conceived equally around developing completely new lines of color, as was the case with its neons, pastels, and coloured metallics.

all 336 new colours and their guidesare available immediately, in both coated and uncoated formats. they will be added to ‘color bridge’ and other pantone compendiums, as well as the ‘capsure’ and ‘my pantone’ mobile apps, by june 2012.

pantone unveils 336 new colors closer view of some of the new color swatches

overview of the designing of the ‘plus’ series, with live clips from the pantone printing factory

demo video by pantone about color