paola navone presents fish & fish for serax at merci concept store in paris
all images courtesy of merci





merci concept store in paris is presenting an imaginative tableware collection called ‘fish & fish’ by italian designer paola navone for serax. navone draws her influences from the culture and everyday lives of the many countries that she visits, emphasizing this time on products manufactured in the united states during the great depression of the 1930s. 


paolo-navone-fish-and-fish-merci-maison-et-objet-designboom-02the ‘fish & fish’ carafe




during the devastating crisis, an industrial glass-maker in massachusetts began producing practical molded glass tableware in three colors: jade green, white and transparent. inexpensive and well built, it spread throughout american homes, diners, snack bars, and coffee shops. now only experienced collectors hunt for them passionately in local flea markets across the country.

paolo-navone-fish-and-fish-merci-maison-et-objet-designboom-04‘herring bar’ stamp on the plates 




‘fish and fish’ revisited the designs in flat and hollow plates, glasses, jars, salt and pepper shakers, and vodka carafes, all completed by large hammered aluminum platters, in the form of a fish motif and stamped ‘herring bar’. the series by paolo navone will be available exclusively at merci in paris from january 20, 2016.   

paolo-navone-fish-and-fish-merci-maison-et-objet-designboom-03plates in the collection by paola navone

paolo-navone-fish-and-fish-merci-maison-et-objet-designboom-05the collections uses three colors: jade green, white and transparent