paola paronetto presents the cartocci collection at maison&object
all images courtesy of paola paronetto




paola paronetto presents ‘the cartocci collection’, a series of paper clay objects which resemble organic forms, at maison&objet in paris from january 22-26, 2016. the italian potter has created iconic shapes using a mixture of different types of paper, cardboard and clay. these objects resemble sepals of flowers, umbrella shapes of mushrooms and the delicate forms of anemones. beautiful and fragile in their appearance, they can take on a technical function, such as a lamp. ‘the cartocci collection’ has evolved from paronetto’s earlier work, that uses similar shapes but now using stronger colours such as solid yellow, as well as blues and greens. this new personality is also contrasted by black and white series, where the delicate nature of the vessels is most predominant. like the organic forms these objects resemble, paronetto’s work has evolved organically and harmoniously to create pottery that expresses an ethereal quality. 

PParonetto Cartocci Metropoli-Multicolor designboom 2
‘the cartocci collection’ is made from a mixture of different types of paper, cardboard and clay
PParonetto Cartocci WhiteIcons designboom 3
black and white series

PParonetto Cartocci BlackAndWhite designboom 4
‘the cartocci collection’ has evolved from paronetto’s earlier work

the black and white series shows a delicate nature
the objects resemble organic forms such as mushrooms and anemones 
the collection uses a solid yellow which brings a new personality to the series