‘nice ball’ by paola pivi

italian born artist paola pivi’s ‘nice ball’, a lamp constructed from 80 miniatures representing the iconic furniture designs from the collection of the vitra design museum. the small versions of chairs and tables are arranged over metal frames creating a sphere that envelopes the light bulb within. when lit, the lamps project a graphic pattern of silhouettes of the furniture, allowing the viewer to experience the vitra design classics in 2D and 3D format.

published in a previous article on designboom, the lamp is currently on display within the vitrine at the museo del novecento in milan until june 30th, 2011.

paola pivi: vitra miniatures lamp up close of ‘nice ball’

paola pivi: vitra miniatures lamp installation view showing the projection of furniture silhouettes on the wall

paola pivi: vitra miniatures lamp detail courtesy: galerie perrotin, paris