pascali semerdjian arquitetos designs minimal, two piece ani lamp
all images courtesy of pascali semerdjian arquitetos




the ‘ani lamp’ is an interpretation of what brazilian pascali semerdijan arquitetos believes to be true sustainability. working with minimalistic principles, the team set out to create a table lamp that was highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and as simple as possible. after more than two years of development, the design was finally finished. 

pascali semerdjian arquitetos ani lamp designboom
the lamp comes in five colors: red, black, yelllow, green and blue




‘ani’ translates into what they believe is the most essential element of sustainability by eliminating everything evening hinting at excess. philosophies of less consumption, less resource expenditure, and less human impact on the world were all considered. in the end, the lamp is made of two simple pieces: a single wooden base and a metal rod with light

pascali semerdjian arquitetos ani lamp designboom§

lamp components  




the playful piece can be set in five different positions, catering to most many situations in the household. as for maintenance, the barebones construction essentially eradicates the need. the studio says ‘we wanted to elimate all the pieces and parts that get wasted with use over time, demanding substitution or repair. with a simple placement of metal over wood, you get a maneuverable, playful piece.’ the ‘ani lamp’ is available through brazilian furniture brand etel

pascali semerdjian arquitetos ani lamp designboom
‘ani lamp’ 



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