patricia urquiola designs shimmer furniture collection for glas italia




by employing an iridescent multi-chromatic finish, patricia urqiola adds an ethereal element to her ‘shimmer’ series. the tables, consoles and shelves designed for glas italia transform themselves when exposed to various light sources or when viewed from a variety of angles. refracted hues and tones give the impression of transparency and density, changing based on the viewing position. each unit os constructed from laminated glass glued together at intersecting planes, which cause their profiles and compositions to change drastically when seen from different perspectives. the shelf, for example, appears to intersect, yet is actually formed by individually glued parts. the ‘shimmer’ series features rounded corners — both with curved bases for tables and semi-circular shapes for shelf edges.


presented at the salone del mobile 2015, ‘shimmer’ achieves reflectivity and luminosity through a finish of blended, diluted silvering mix with bi-chromatic geometric particles. this combination creates a semi-transparent finish, resulting in brilliant reflections and a spectrum of refracted light.

the collection’s table

the series comes in opaque or transparent glass with micro-dot finish

patricia urquiola’s shimmer mirror

the mirror finish under closer inspection

they come in a variety of shapes for a range of striking effects

the iridescent, multi-chromatic finish takes on different colors depend on light exposure and viewing angle


the light form of refracted colors give impressions of transparency or density depending on viewing angle

the panes of glass occupy different planes for striking effect