‘volume serie’ by paul coudamy photography courtesy of benjamin boccas

‘volume’ breaks the rules of boring geometry and rigid lines often found in shelving systems, reimagining the bookcase as more than just a compilation of rectangular boxes. conceived by parisian designer paul coudamy, he thought to look at these storage units with ideas of explosions, deformations distortions and extrusions in mind to create his custom made form. a computer design system was developed in order to generate the countless configurations and shapes of the shelves made via a digital cutting machine, a process which offers one the freedom to optimize unique pieces quickly and simply. ‘volume’ is a furniture shelving which can be constructed from a variety of materials: plexiglass, raw or lacquered wood, Corian® etc. the angles, colors, curves and shapes can be modeled according to the needs of each project / interior space.

paul coudamy: volume serie library curved angles and protrusions make the shelves unique

paul coudamy: volume serie library angled display panels allow patrons to easily view books

paul coudamy: volume serie library

paul coudamy: volume serie library diagram