how paul menand’s ‘modest stool’ works

french designer paul menand has sent us images of his latest furniture project ‘modest stool’. following in the vein of this ‘3-in-1’ design previously seen with his ‘triplette chair’ (which designboom covered here), menand’s newest creation utilizes a similar principle of nesting in which three versions of a stool can be used individually or stacked into one another to form a single unit. this is accomplished through the base piece having half-pipe legs and three openings in its seat (as also seen with the second stool) to allow the successive ones to sit within.

paul menand: modest stool separating the stools

paul menand: modest stool

paul menand: modest stool both the middle and bottom stool have slots for nestling into one another, while the base also features half-pipe legs in order that the three may sit within each other

paul menand: modest stool individual seats

paul menand: modest stool stacked unit

video demonstrating the use of the ‘modest’ stool