paul timmer’s vibration absorbing wooden bikes crafted from solid ash
images courtesy of paul timmer




made from solid ash and without any veneer or plywood enhancements, the ‘wooden bikes’ by amsterdam-based designer paul timmer, is a lightweight, crafted, single speed cyclocross. it weighs just 11kg and due to its timber frame that absorbs any vibrations, provides an exceptionally comfortable ride. the bicycle has a striking, unusual fork construction which, instead of going through the frame, passes by it and is fixed by outside bearings. the design is extended to the handlebars, in order to keep the grain intact and thus make it much more stronger than if it was in two parts.

the two-wheeler is formed from solid ash wood




‘I don’t use wood for some kind of temporary solutions, wood is the best construction material available. it is the only construction material made by mother earth. this bike can be as strong as a steel one. but it has to be designed better than a steel bike. as always, the challenges are in the details.’ said paul timmer.



side view of the wooden bike


the unusual fork construction is its most striking feature


it uses a lighter and more durable belt instead of a chain