‘family tea’ by paula benvegnu images courtesy of paula benvegnu

‘family tea’ designed by paula benvegnu is a tea set that arose from a curiosity and appreciation for the past, family inheritance and legacy. looking for a new way to tell the story of her family, the series portrays, in a subtle and abstract way, the common code and virtues that link a family together.

paula benvegnu: family tea mug with spoon

paula benvegnu: family tea detail of family crest and spoons with the name and birthday of each family member

the collection, composed of thirty ceramic mugs and a tea kettle represent benvegnu’s family tree. based on the traits, imperfections and particularities we inherit from our families, each piece is only similar in form and color. like characteristics that are passed down through generations, the tone and quality of each mug changes slightly, although they still pertain to the same group.

paula benvegnu: family tea

a family seal imprinted on the inside of each cup and little spoons with each person’s name and birthday complete the concept, perpetuating the family’s roots into something tangible. 

paula benvegnu: family tea bottom of mugs

paula benvegnu: family tea family crest

paula benvegnu: family tea the mugs in progress

paula benvegnu: family tea mugs, spoons and the tea pot before being finished