‘gabler’ designed by paz brouk

the ‘gabler’ cell phone, created by industrial design student paz brouk at israel’s shenkar college, provides an efficient and unusual solution to a common problem.

ignoring the conventions of what a cellphone is ‘supposed’ to look like, ‘gabler’ clasps onto the edges of bags and pockets to provide easy access to the cell phone.

paz brouk: gabler front view of open phone

paz brouk: gabler back view of open phone

the product was designed with women in mind, as brouk frequently noticed herself racing against time to try to locate her cell phone in her cluttered purse. but the versatility of the cell phone’s shape gives it universal appeal, eliminating the need for phone holsters and clips.

paz brouk: gabler demonstration of ‘gabler’ folded

the key to the device’s functionality is a diagonal line running along its center, along which the phone is folded. the flexible screen and outer shell permit the phone to be bent in both directions.

paz brouk: gabler ‘gabler’ clips easily onto purses (left) and pockets (right)

a functional cell phone, ‘gabler’ also features a built-in clock, calendar, address book, and camera.