lufthansa has enlisted british design studio pearson lloyd to help develop a new business class experience for the german airline — including an improved seat and cabin environment. the collaboration is the latest between lufthansa and the design studio, who also worked on the interiors of lufthansa’s A350 economy class airplane. according to pearson lloyd, the project’s goal was to increase passenger comfort by providing greater privacy, direct aisle access, larger monitors, generous storage and lay-off spaces.

pearsonlloyd lufthansa business class interiors
all images courtesy of pearson lloyd / lufthansa



lufthansa travelers can look forward to a plethora of spatial configurations: a 2.2 meter (over 7 foot) long bed, a spine-aligning backrest, and a seat with twice as much desk space, to name a few. standard business class amenities should naturally be expected — including flight entertainment system and seat preference control — but now, they can all be managed via the passenger’s personal device.

pearsonlloyd lufthansa business class interiors
customers can choose between seats with more desk space or a higher degree of privacy



furthermore, smartphones and tablets can be recharged at the seat using wireless technology. the new concept, which was developed with pearson lloyd and lufthansa customers, will be rolled out with the arrival of the boeing 777-9 from 2020 onwards. however, although it is still a couple years from implementation, intercontinental lufthansa guests might start getting little tastes of the 777-9 as early as 2018.