mexico’s wealth and history emanate from the pores of its volcanic rocks, a material that transmits strength and keeps untold local stories. mexican-based peca studio has mastered the art of polishing and molding it into inviting objects, just like the lava dining table — a puzzle of hand-cut pieces that have been craftily assembled into a single tabletop. 

peca studio lava dining table designboom
the dark graphite colored table top and warm colored legs create an elegant contrast 



for this collection, caterina moretti — head designer and studio director of peca —  has conceived the lava dining table in such a way for it to be flexible in terms of function and location. it can be used for outdoor occasions (family meals, invitations etc…) or be included in the interior space of a home, where it would find its place in a dining room and kitchen space.

peca studio lava dining table designboom
the lava dining table is a puzzle of hand-cut graphite colored pieces that have been craftily assembled into a tabletop

peca studio lava dining table designboom
detail of the hand-cut pieces showing the texture of the volcanic rock 

peca studio lava dining table designboom
front view detail of the teak wood structure applied to create the legs of the tabletop 



project info:


designer: caterina moretti
materials: teak wood, volcanic rock

table dimensions: 120 cm x 120 cm x 74 cm



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom