pedrali defines 2014 furniture collection with wood + textiles




pedrali‘s 2014 collection consists of five families of furniture that give prominence to wood and upholstered products, in addition to the italian company’s first model dedicated to children – a natural evolution of one of its best selling plastic chairs in the form of ‘snow’ junior. emphasizing pedrali’s continued collaboration with international creatives, the series of seating objects, hangers, work and storage surfaces, which round out the latest grouping of designs, express the brand’s commitment to technological innovation and continued its development and exploration of materials.

pedrali 2014 collection designboom
‘snow junior’ chair and table by odo fioravanti




‘snow’ was designed in 2008 by odo fioravanti and quickly became one of pedrali’s most popular products because of its durability and organic form. the children’s version, which comes in five different colors, does not compromise the original scheme, but reveals all of the qualities of the original injection molded chair, reinforced with glass fibers.

pedrali 2014 collection designboom
‘log’ chair designed by manuela busetti, andrea garuti + matteo redaelli




‘log’ is a one-volume chair that is characterized by upholstering technologies that see the design offering a formal balance of stability and comfort, minimizing its visual and physical weight. conceived by manuela busetti, andrea garuti + matteo redaelli, ‘log’ has a steel framework at its base that is covered by polyurethane foam. the sober shape and various textile options available for ‘log’ make it a versatile chair, suitable for both domestic and contract use.

‘tivoli’ chair designed by cazzaniga, mandelli + pagliarulo




traditional wooden chairs were the reference for cazzaniga mandelli pagliarulo‘s ‘tivoli’. a minimal wooden structure is complimented by soft, rounded shapes in the design’s generous backrest, and slightly curved seat pan, making it ergonomic, and graceful in its appearance. ‘tivoli’ comes in both a chair and armchair version, with an upholstered seat and back available.

‘zippo’ sofa designed by pedrali R&D




envisioned for use in lounge or informal meeting areas, the ‘zippo’ two-seater upholstered sofa is defined by high sides, which project a sense of privacy, and offer good soundproofing capacities. created by pedrali’s research and development team, the textile used for covering the design is made from a fire retardant polyurethane form with variable density, along with a sloping backrest for extra comfort. it is sealed by a zipper that outlines the perimeter of the form, for which it takes its name. the simple structure is achieved with a frame composed of 16mm Ø steel tubing in powder coated white, black or aluminium, which is matched to the zipper color.

‘parenthesis’ designed by claudio dondoli + marco pocci




claudio dondoli and marco pocci‘s ‘parenthesis’ is a series of coffee tables that feature two round brackets that shape the design’s geometric elements; the versatile furniture piece also functions as a container or bedside table. the lateral sides are made of plywood oak, while the tops are finished in solid laminate. ‘parenthesis’ is available in four different version in a slough of color combinations.

‘flag’ coat hanger by pio + tito toso




the ‘flag’ coat hanger designed by pio and tito toso combines form and function. suitable for all environments – from public to residential – the simple design sees polypropylene arms that can be combined in a variety of arrangements, inserted into a steel column.

pedrali’s ‘flying boxes’ installation by migliore+servetto architects at the 2014 salone del mobile




‘flag’, ‘log’, ‘parenthesis’, ‘snow’, ‘tivoli’ and ‘zippo’ debuted at the 2014 salone del mobile in a bespoke installation envisioned by migliore+servetto architects entitled ‘flying boxes’. the stand concept saw a grouping of ten floating wireframe cubes in which the furniture designs were suspended and arranged, presenting pedrali’s continued collaboration with creatives more as artwork installations surrounded by a double filter of curtains and lights with video projections, creating an active and indefinite backdrop.