Pedrali debuts souvenir at salone del mobile 2022


Eugeni Quitllet continues to fuse the past and future in his designs with Pedrali, following the Remind and Soul collections. The latest seating collection between the Catalan designer and Italian furniture brand, called Souvenir, debuted at Salone del Mobile 2022. Its harmonious, sensuous sculpture appears elegant and modern whilst also evoking a sense of memory for onlookers and sitters.


Pedrali and I have found a natural harmony to work together over the years. Our story is growing well. It is important to feel very comfortable in these relationships as a designer is never alone. I can only share my dream with Pedrali and with the user,’ begins Eugeni Quitllet in an interview with designboom at Salone del Mobile 2022. ‘We have been working on the Souvenir for one year and a half in the shadows and now it is in the sun. The object has become real in the eyes of the people.

interview: eugeni quitllet reinterprets parisian garden chairs with pedrali souvenir
The sensual shape recalls the emotion of memories for onlookers and sitters

All images courtesy of Pedrali

Image art direction Studio FM /photo Andrea Garuti /styling Studio Salaris



eugeni quitllet reinterpreted the iconic parisian garden chairs


When I am designing, I think every product must tell a story and make the users part of this tale. Souvenir captures this exactly. It recalls a memory of the industrial revolution from the early 19th century, when metal tubes were being shaped as outdoor chairs for parks and gardens. I reinterpreted this story for the modern day using technology. The design has a fluid harmony, sensitive shape and sensuality. The chair reminds us of a souvenir: the beautiful vacations, a garden in Paris, and a time, place and people. It has a beautiful emotion,’ explains Eugeni.


The Pedrali Souvenir reinterprets Parisian icons – the classic green chairs of the Jardin des Tuileries or the Jardin du Luxembourg. These designs helped create places renowned for tranquillity, serenity and a sense of escapism in an urban setting since as early as 18th century. The new chair and armchair evoke similar memories that, as its name suggests, recall moments in treasured places with loved ones.



Like in the gardens of Paris, the Souvenir can be moved at preference anywhere outdoors, whether in a park, terrace or open-air cafe. The chairs are very light, stackable yet extremely resistant. Its sculptural shape fits any space, pairing well with different environments and weather conditions. This is all whilst being comfortable and aiding well-being.


The idea is that the user can be transported anywhere with this product.’ The designer continues to add, ‘it evokes the same memories as if a picture, sculpture or artwork does, but instead it is a very useful product, which can be stacked, used outside in the rain or sun. Its sculptural nature means it looks great in all weathers, as the surroundings add to its personality.

interview: eugeni quitllet reinterprets parisian garden chairs with pedrali souvenir
It reinterprets the iconic Parisian garden chairs using new materials



polypropylene or recycled polypropylene


The Souvenir echoes a similar shape to the Parisian icons, reinterpreting them through the use of a new material: polypropylene or recycled polypropylene. This allows all elements of the softly-shaped design to be integrated organically as a monoblock. Three-dimensional slats form the back and seat, and the legs widens naturally towards its attractive, small feet.


I like to work with Pedrali as they are a company that plays with many different materials, which then gives me much more tools to imagine different projects. I normally like to stay with plastic as it is the material closer to technology. For me, plastic is the skin of my ideas; I can mold it to express my shapes. It is the only material that can follow all its functions in one single piece,’ clarifies Eugeni.



My long collaboration with Pedrali means we can explore, research and realize products with recycled materials. The ‘recycled grey’ material showcases the benefits of recycling in a tangible way, as the users feel part of the circular process. If we discard a plastic product correctly, it can be reused in another project like the Souvenir chair. Sustainability is not only the responsibility of the designer and producer; the user needs to use it correctly, look after it, clean it, and at the end of its life cycle, dispose of it in a conscious way,’ notes the designer.


The collection is aligned to the Italian furniture manufacturer’s ambition for environmental sustainability. Following the Remind and Babila XL, the Souvenir is also available in a ‘recycled grey’ material made from reused polypropylene: 50% from plastic material post-consumer waste and 50% plastic material industrial waste. It stands out in its grey tones whereas the standard version can be dressed in white, black, green, pink, red or grey.

interview: eugeni quitllet reinterprets parisian garden chairs with pedrali souvenir
The stackable designs can be dressed in white, black, green, pink, red or grey, or as ‘recycled grey’



This chair is the beginning of another story with Pedrali. The Souvenir will bring even more excitement. We can extend it with new sizes, functions and to fit different environments,’ concludes Eugeni Quitllet in an interview with designboom.

interview: eugeni quitllet reinterprets parisian garden chairs with pedrali souvenir
The Pedrali Souvenir on display at Salone del Mobile 2022

Project Calvi Brambilla / styling Studio Salaris / photo Ottavio Tomasini


product info:


brand: Pedrali

product: Souvenir

designer: Eugeni Quitllet

version: chair or armchair

material: polypropylene or recycled polypropylene