penson completes self-service NHS express clinic in soho london
all images courtesy of penson




‘the dean street express’ designed by UK studio penson is located in soho in london, an area known for its famous nightlife and partying inhabitants. the walk-in self service sexual health clinic was based on the aesthetics and themes found in its surrounding environment.


the center uses an iPad registration system for new and old patients. in fact, the entire testing process has been automated, which fast tracks everything from how long it takes to be admitted, to receiving the results. the screening rooms are also machine-operated – a pneumatic vacuum system shoots completed samples through tubes in the ceiling and pops them out in the testing laboratory.


an iPad registration system fast tracks the whole process




it is possible to watch the technicians working in the lab from the reception through a large window, where the world’s first on-site infinity machine enables all results to be received within six hours. the four screening rooms each have a different design that is based on the various unique shop fronts, store décor and neon signage in the area. at the bottom of the winding staircase, the waiting room is made up of space-saving cinema seats, and the adjoining consultant rooms are decorated with vintage movie posters.

(left) the fluid staircase
(right) the waiting room has its own piece of neon, making it an official member of soho




with bright orange reflecting inthe mirrored walls, black and white patterns covering the ceiling, and artwork of hundreds of images of soho taken by one of the clinic employees, the interior looks as little like a hospital as possible. the ‘dean street express’ replaces the typology of cold and clinical spaces with a bright atmosphere to help people feel as relaxed as possible.

penson completes self-service NHS express clinic in soho london
downstairs waiting area of the NHS express clinic in soho london


penson completes self-service NHS express clinic in soho london
mirrored walls create the illusion of space


penson completes self-service NHS express clinic in soho london
the screening rooms are themed around the vibrant shopfronts surrounding the clinic



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