penxo skips the fussy parts with a minimalist aluminum pencil
all images courtesy of penxo





with no springs, buttons and mechanical parts, the ‘penxo pencil’ uses old-fashioned gravity to slide the 2mm lead in and out. simply pushing the thumb between the gap, the clamp quickly lets go of the graphite. it is precision milled from a single block of aircraft grade 6061-T651 aluminum, designed to contour fingertips for better control grip and give it that distinctive flexing property. measuring at 136.65mm (5.38 inch) x 10.34mm (0.47 inch) with a weight of only 17 grams (0.6 oz), the pencil is very lightweight and durable. CEO and designer brian ton tak, decided on the material because it is exceptionally recyclable and addresses the latest needs for sustainability. brain said, ‘in wanting to create products that surprise and inspire people, the concept of the ‘penxo’ pencil came through looking at everyday products from a new angle, especially products that we usually take for granted. through the development phase, I focused on eliminating unnecessary parts, while keeping the essential functionality of the tool, and utilized materials that would address sustainability needs.’

curved to the fingertips for maximum control



the lead window clearly lets the user monitor the color, usage, brand and hardness inside the ‘penxo’ –  also offers air flow underneath the fingers to greatly reduce sweating, and establishing a non-slippery grip. the aluminum comes in three distinctive colours, ‘darth black’, ‘rebel silver’ and a limited edition ‘galactic gold’. the truly unique piece of stationary already reached its goal on kickstarter and will be able for purchase at a price of $35 USD. ‘a designer and drawer myself I’m so excited to be bringing the pencil to market, which in its simple and stylish design, eliminates all the finicky mechanical bits in conventional mechanical pencils, but also solves a problem that has plagued designers for years’ noted brian,  ‘how to release the lead faster and make it easier to tell which lead is loaded. we’ve done it and it can now be yours.’

the penxo is available in three discrete colors


the lead window visibly shows how much graphite is left


functional with an assortment of different color leads


lightweight and thin, the ‘penxo’ can be taken anywhere


the clamp makes it easy to install a variety of 2mm leads


diagram showing the pinching system