pepsico has announced its acquisition of tel aviv-based beverage company sodastream in an effort to enter the wellness market and reduce its product waste. as market focus shifts away from single-use plastics, sodastream’s reusable carbonating bottles present an opportunity for pepsico to tap into a more sustainable product line that will usher its way out of store shelves and into consumers’ homes.

your next pepsi-cola could be DIY as pepsico buys sodastream in effort to reduce waste
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pepsico‘s move also comes at a time when consumers are turning away from sugar beverages to healthier options they can make from their own homes. sodastream has gained popularity with its DIY carbonation machines, which enable users to turn water into sparkling water, while also offering the option of adding flavored syrups to it. the company ‘is highly complementary and incremental to our (pepsico) business, adding to our growing water portfolio, while catalyzing our ability to offer personalized in-home beverage solutions around the world,’ says ramon laguarta, CEO-elect and president.


‘it is validation of our mission to bring healthy, convenient and environmentally friendly beverage solutions to consumers around the world,’ daniel birnbaum, sodastream CEO and director said of the acquisition. the two companies ‘are an inspired match,’ said pepsico chairman and CEO indra nooyi. ‘daniel and his leadership team have built an extraordinary company that is offering consumers the ability to make great-tasting beverages while reducing the amount of waste generated. that focus is well-aligned with “performance with purpose”, our philosophy of making more nutritious products while limiting our environmental footprint. together, we can advance our shared vision of a healthier, more-sustainable planet.’


your next pepsi-cola could be DIY as pepsico buys sodastream in effort to reduce wastesodastream’s fizz kit compressor