performax exhibited their latest furniture collection by in-house designer viroon sanguanwongwan at TIFF, thailand’s international furniture fair in bangkok from march 16-20, 2011.

the thai company explored different weaving techniques, mainly using water hyacinth strands that are harvested and broided. the water hyacinth furniture objects are accompanied by wooden frames made of bamboo.

performax at TIFF 2011 water hyacinth

water hyacinth are tropical water plants that can multiply themselves within a few weeks. despite their beautiful violet flowers, their too quickly reproduction caused them to be abandoned by gardeners into public waterway which they now congest. cultivation of water hyacinth from their natural habitats is a form of improving eco system, and waterway transportation. aware of their strong fiber, endurance and beauty, we picked up this unwanted plants and tediously process them into household furniture upholsteries that present warmth and natural ambiance.

performax at TIFF 2011 water hyacinth armless chair image © designboom

performax at TIFF 2011 water hyacinth living sofa and bamboo lounge chairs image © designboom

performax at TIFF 2011 bamboo

bamboos are the planet fastest growing plant that are of notable economic and cultural significance in asia. their very versatile usages included being building materials, food source, utensils, paper pulp, etc. and raw material for furniture – in this case. when properly treated, bamboo can be harder than oak wood. besides fast growing, bamboo is parennial plant that can be harvested after a mere three to six years of growth, its cultivation post no harm to eco system.

performax at TIFF 2011 bamboo low lying chair image © designboom

looking from its left the structure of the chair is comparable to number ‘six’ in thai script. the gentle curly lines of reinforced bamboo stripes give the air of lightness to this low lying chair.

performax at TIFF 2011 bamboo floor seating chair with center table of spacious legs room image © designboom

oriental style floor seating chair on reinforced bamboo stripes frame. its backrest curly frame allow slight springing against leaning weight. the light weight bamboo frame enable easy mobility to outdoor environment for different atmosphere.

TIFF thailand international furniture fair 2011 is a green-oriented furniture fair that gather the best of thailand’s designers in one place. at this annual gathering visitors experience the diversity and creativity of thai design, the newest collections and take advantage of the opportunity to easily network with manufacturers, exporters and other influential players in the thai furniture industry.

performax will also present their furniture collection at the salone del mobile in milan  in april 12-17,  2011.