vik muniz composes golden hummingbird for perrier-jouët belle époque rosé



luxury champagne house perrier-jouët has revealed the 2005 vintage of its celebrated cuvée belle epoque rosé in a limited-edition bottle designed by visual artist vik muniz. the internationally-acclaimed brazilian has conceived a luminous and enchanting work applied to the sinuous vessel’s exterior skin: a brilliant golden hummingbird flies beside the delicate anemone flowers that have graced every belle epoque bottle for more than a century. muniz’s composition has been originally crafted from scraps of gold, photographed and finally set upon the glass volume through a gold plate application. born from a shared belief in nature’s power to motivate a devotion to craftsmanship, the artistic collaboration between perrier-jouët and muniz innately bears a organic grace, bringing an ethereal sense of surreal elegance to everyday life.

perrier-jouët reveals belle époque rosé limited edition by vik muniz
a luminous and enchanting work is applied to the sinuous vessel’s exterior skin and packaging




throughout the breadth of this work, muniz has become emblematic of a hands-on artistic approach, creating compositions — often historical in context — using an expansive range of quotidian materials. chocolate, caviar, diamonds and dust have all been adopted as mediums, intricately rendered and amassed as portraits and poetic illustrations, and finally recorded them with a camera. as a self-styled ‘craftsman-conjurer’, muniz is master at transforming commonplace objects into works of art. this sentiment wholly embodies the champagne house’s art nouveau belief of bringing beauty to the everyday. his application in regards to the brand act in symphony with that of emile gallé, art nouveau pioneer and designer of the original 1902 belle epoque anemone. ‘much as perrier-jouët has long embraced art nouveau’s love of nature and enchantment‘ muniz describes ‘I took the idea of captivation in a natural setting as the inspiration for this motif’.


perrier-jouët’s cellar master hervé deschamps chose the 2005 vintage of the belle epoque rosé for this limited-edition cuvee, describing it as ‘the most extravagant wine of the belle epoque collection‘. this unique vintage is a generous, and voluptuous champagne; chardonnay, perrier-jouët’s grape of choice, is predominant in the blend while the cuvée owes its richness and pure, salmon-pink hue to the pinot noir variety.

perrier-jouët reveals belle époque rosé limited edition by vik muniz
the acclaimed brazilian artist beside his creations for perrier-jouët