london design festival: partisan designer noé duchaufour-lawrance creates the immersive ‘l’eden’ installation for perrier-jouët at the 2016 london design festival. named after the exclusive cellar in epernay, france, the home town of maison perrier-jouët, where it’s most prestigious champagnes are stored, the ‘l’eden’ exhibit aims to emulate the beauty of nature and art nouveau style that influenced their ‘belle epoque’ bottle, designed by emile galle in 1902.

the 3D-printed objects and brass tubes creates the installation’s symmetry to nature
image © perrier-jouët imagery




on the ground floor of the two-story ‘l’eden’ installation, noé duchaufour-lawrance has planted beautifully designed chairs and tables patterned around hanging ornaments. made from intricate 3D-printed elements, the vertical systems fall down from the ceiling using brass tubes, creating imagery of branches growing down from a pergola. these suspending designs immerse visitors into a nature experience that produces an unexpected contrast of calm in an urban environment. furthermore, visitors extract flutes from the ‘tree’, in a new serving and tasting ritual, to be filled with perrier-jouët champagne.

visitors are encouraged to pick their flutes from the ‘tree’
image © perrier-jouët imagery




on the lower floor of the 147 wardour street building, the ‘bio-responsive garden’ installation bustles with plants that mimic the movements  of visitors. complete with a secret eden cellar, the creation by bompas & parr with tenhertz and petra storrs, aims to showcase an enchanting vision of eden and nature through modern technology.


celebrating both the london fashion week and london design festival, the perrier-jouët ‘l’eden’ installation is open from september 16th to 25th.

image © perrier-jouët imagery


image © perrier-jouët imagery


designer noé duchaufour-lawrance


preview renders of the installation


preview renders of the flute trees