perrine vigneron uses 3D body scanning technology to create spoon for moustache
all images courtesy of perrine vigneron




for favoris #1, an exhibition curated by moustache held in paris in september 2015, french designer perrine vigneron has created a silver moka spoon called ‘l’avaleuse’ (the swallower). the idea behind this piece is the result of a playful creation setting where the designer wanted to literally put herself in the object she produced. to develop and bring to life this concept, vigneron used three different numerical technologies: the body scan to create a 3D model of her body that was later on 3D printed on silver through rapid prototyping. she reduced herself 20 times and her body became that one of a spoon while her head acts as the bowl of the spoon. by imprinting her body into ‘l’avaleuse’, perrine vigneron becomes a character of a new story.

perrine vigneron
l’avaleuse, standing up silver moka spoon

perrine vigneron
first outfit shooting to check the camera captation ability

perrine vigneron
render of the 3d file



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edited by: juliana neira | designboom