‘faceture project’ by phil cuttance

during milan design week 2012, london-based designer phil cuttance is exhibiting his project, ‘faceture’ as part of the ‘geometry and colour’ at the front room. resin can be cast using a plastic geometric mould to create vessels, lampshades and side tables using a machine specifically created for that purpose. the device consists of a surface for the mould creation, while the shelving beneath provides storage for freshly made pieces and room for a stool. a hopper holds the powder, giving the user control as to how much they add to the liquid resin. a casting jig at the back allows for cuttance to see and control the flow of the fast setting mixture. the construction of the machine uses simple parts, making it easy to disassemble and transport. 

phil cuttance: faceture project vases of different heights and colors 

each object is produced individually by casting the water-based resin into the hand-made mould. 0.5mm thick plastic sheets are scored and cut before being taped into the overall shape. they are then manually manipulated to create a different form for every piece. the fluid material is poured into the hollow mould and rotated on the jig. the material soon sets and the plastic part is removed, to be reshaped and used again. the strength of the final pieces are directly related to the triangular facets which are popped in and out.

phil cuttance: faceture project detail tall – 44H x 12D cm (17H x 4.5D inches) short – 33H x 8D cm (13H x 3D inches)

phil cuttance: faceture project lampshades 32H x 19D cm (12.5H x 7D inches)

phil cuttance: faceture project the plastic mould with the end result 58H x 28D cm (23H x 11D inches)

phil cuttance: faceture project phil cuttance using the machine to create the forms

production process filmed by petr krecji video © phil cuttance 2012