‘wait here’ by philip luschen images © florian van roekel

dutch designer philip luschen displayed his work ‘wait here’ at dutch design week 2011 as part of the ‘our way’ graduation show at the design academy eindhoven. the project investigates the passive dynamic existing within the space of a waiting room. luschen crafted practical implements and imaginative icebreakers in his work. the three-part project consists of a publication, entitled ‘waiting room survival book’, and two objects: a ‘sneak in front tool’ and ‘incognito nose stand’.

philip luschen: waiting room survival ‘waiting room survival book’ cover

‘waiting room survival book’ contains suggestions for how one should handle waiting time. the piece has an eye cut-out detail for its bearer to discretely survey his/her surroundings.

philip luschen: waiting room survival excerpts from the ‘waiting room survival book’

philip luschen: waiting room survival ‘incognito nose stand’

for the individual of the waiting room hoping to be unrecognizable, the ‘incognito nose stand’ provides false noses to be taken from the display and secured on his/her face for added disguise.

philip luschen: waiting room survival ‘incognito nose stand’ detailed view

philip luschen: waiting room survival ‘sneak in front tool’ wide view and detailed images

luschen produced the ‘sneak in front tool’, a to-scale photo of empty seats to be placed in front of fellow occupants of the waiting room in order to make them ‘disappear’, allowing for the person possessing the poster to become next in line.

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