at the imm cologne 2017 fair, architect philipp mainzer debuts the ‘jorel’ storage system for the german-based furniture manufacturer interlübke. the collaboration is a significant moment for both as it celebrates the company’s 80th anniversary and presents mainzer’s first realized design outside of the furniture brand e15. displaying a clear, architectural form, the piece combines visual art and function. its reduced design embodies geometrical shapes and irregular partitions, which emphasizes its precise fabrication and playful composition.

philipp mainzer jorel interlubke designboom01
all images courtesy of interlübke



as a sideboard or stand-alone piece, interlübke’s ‘jorel’ is defined by overlapping fronts and a vertical cove that allows access to the content of its doors and drawers. with the front and side pieces measuring a sleek 4mm slim and are available as lacquered HPL, glass, aluminum, and stainless steel, it highlights the brand’s focus on high quality craftsmanship and philipp mainzer’s dedication to detail. the understated top counter can also be customized to either match or contrast with the vertical elements. the latter creates an intriguing interplay of materials and colors.

philipp mainzer jorel interlubke designboom02


philipp mainzer jorel interlubke designboom03


philipp mainzer jorel interlubke designboom04


philipp mainzer jorel interlubke designboom05


philipp mainzer jorel interlubke designboom06