french designer and architect philippe starck has thrown a few punches towards his colleagues and design in general. during his recent lecture in the main hall of the university in florence, italy, starck told students to develop objects ‘with a spirit of service towards the people’, as this would help creating a more ‘easy and comfortable daily life’.

philippe starck rejects design art philippe starck image © designboom



starck, in fact, rejects design activity that ‘wants to become art, but in fact is producing items‘ – unnecessary and costly things. he explained that ‘in the design of an object, we must always focus on the way in which its use can meet the daily needs’. starck continued his attack and claim that ‘he had never understood all those designers who are trying to become an artist, creating products that end up being useless, expensive and therefore are a danger to society.’ ‘I prefer to design mass-produced chairs at a cost of 1 euro, that sell in 100,000 items, rather than a single one that is quoted 100.000 euro.