phillip jividen reflects the earth’s atmosphere with gradient mirror
all images courtesy of phillip jividen




when you look at the sky, whether towards the bustling streets of a metropolis or a sun setting over the horizon of the sea, you can observe that its color isn’t actually a consistent shade of one color. instead, it shifts as you read its depth from the ground up, sometimes changing from hues of bright red to soft clouds of blue. driven by this vivid imagery, phillip jividen has replicated the atmospheric effect for his project called ‘gradient mirror’. in order to mimic the optical sensation, jividen has used translucent ink that has been laminated between glass and mirror materials. the gradation varies depending on the amount of solution and pressure applied by hand to the surfaces. as a result, each object is unique, but all provide the same phenomenon.

phillip jividen gradient mirror
the gradient shifts as you view it from different angles



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