THONIK + pieke bergmans model flags on traditional brazilian homes




drawing on the notion of ‘one man – one vote,’ THONIK‘s nikki gonnissen in collaboration with pieke bergmans, created the jà!(now!) series of flags to capture the sovereignty of the individual, graphically modeled to symbolize their physical residence; with each one expressing the colors and architectural decorations of the habitant’s personal home in florianópolis, brazil, where the project was cited. the residents were captured by photo holding their flag aloft, declaring their personal agency. the powerful symbolism shows the citizen’s independence while conceding they must operate within the bounds of their community quite literally displaying each member with a piece of society’s ‘fabric’. the project was realized for the design biennale of brazil.

brasil-huizen-vlaggen_designboom_001 brasil-huizen-vlaggen_designboom_002 pieke bergmans thonik brazil flags designboom  brasil-huizen-vlaggen_designboom_005 brasil-huizen-vlaggen_designboom_006 brasil-huizen-vlaggen_designboom_007 

brasil-huizen-vlaggen_designboom_008pieke bergmans thonik brazil flags designboom brasil-huizen-vlaggen_designboom_010 brasil-huizen-vlaggen_designboom_011