‘the new collection of book design’, exhibition in switzerland, 1994 all images © die neue sammlung, 2008

pierre mendell one of the world’s leading graphic designers died on 19 december 2008, in munich aged 79. for almost 30 years he played a role in creating the visual identity of the neue sammlung – the international design museum munich. shortly before his death he designed a poster for an event to be held at the museum in february 2009.

over a period spanning more than 40 years mendell’s posters became a prominent feature in advertising columns and billboards around munich; these included posters for museums such as the neue sammlung and advertisements for the bavarian state opera.

pierre mendell 1929  2008 ‘design process auto’ by pierre mendell, 1986pierre mendell 1929  2008 pierre mendell’s posters for bayerische staatsoper (bavarian state opera)

more: http://www.mendell-design.de