pieter städler’s compact DIY brick oven at milan design week
all images courtesy of international design




the ‘brick oven’ by pieter städler which was shown during milan design week 2016, links to the primal connection of making food. the small compact assemblage consists of four parts, as well as bricks which create a curved wall that insulates the heat inside. each brick is placed at an angle creating a fan like appearance, allowing air to move through the small gaps between. the oven which is used to cook pizzas, heats up to 300 °c by burning wood, giving the dough a crispy smokey flavour. the open air fire takes a grounded approach towards cooking, by reducing its technological components down to their simplest form. the DIY format of the construction causes this project to become a collaboration between both the designer and consumer.

pieter stadler brick oven
the ‘brick oven’ links to the primal connection of making foodpieter-stradler-brick-oven-designboom-04
the bricks create a fan shape around the ovenpieter-stradler-brick-oven-designboom-05

the oven is used to cook pizzas
the small compact assemblage consists of four parts
pieter-stradler-brick-oven-designboom-07 pieter-stradler-brick-oven-designboom-08
the oven heats up to 300 °c
the burning of the wood gives the pizzas a smokey flavour
the ‘brick oven’ is compact in size
pieter stadler brick oven  
pieter stadler brick oven
pieter städler with his design
pieter stadler brick oven


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