‘3 devils’ image © designboom

‘3 devils’ consisting of a table, a chair and a stool is designed by plecy, an informal collaboration between two independent polish design teams aze design and beton.

plecy: 3 devils image © designboom

the collection is created under the theme ‘furniture straight from hell’ as expressed by the sharp corners and ergonomically unsound design. the materials used include steel and yellow sandpaper.

plecy: 3 devils detail image © designboom

‘3 devils’ was presented as part of ‘unpolished 2’ which showcased the work of designers from poland during the DMY international design fesival berlin 2010. taking a creative cue from polish customs, culture of material and craft, each project – including ‘3 devils’ – worked with traditional production methods. 

plecy: 3 devils image © designboom