plumb modular furniture features customizable connections
all photos courtesy of sehun oh




after seeing the classic 606 shelving system by dieter rams, sehun oh sought to incorporate its modular design elements into his ‘plumb furniture series’. the pieces use three different variations of angled connectors: 83°, 90° and 97° to create a rigid structure while allowing the user to modify each work to its specific context. the connectors are manufactured via injected mould processes creating durable joints suitable for daily use.

plumb modular furniture
the initial prototype displays how the chair can be adjusted to suit any situation

plumb modular furniture
version 2 of the chair features lighter weight construction and more versatile joints, by creating a recessed space with a curved opening, the connections off customizability

plumb modular furniture
similar to the 606 shelving system, the plumb series of shelves can be adjusted to optimize its use of space and context

plumb modular furniture
notice how the same joints were employed to construct three different pieces of furniture

plumb modular6
the table’s height and size can be adjusted by employing pieces of different lengths

plumb modular3
detail of plumb modular furniture chair and table connectors


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edited by: trevor reed | designboom