plumen + mix brass and black perforated metal for memoir lighting collection
all images courtesy of plumen




two london-based start-ups plumen and unveil their second design collaboration the ‘memoir’ collection which includes a desk, wall and pendant light. each is tailored to complement the dimmable plumen ‘002’ LED bulb’s shape and light qualities.


‘working with a design-led technology brand like plumen allowed us to incorporate their new LED bulb, the plumen 002 LED – it’s energy effcient and really complements the collection. collaborating with such an innovative brand allows us to expand our range and introduce more original and exciting design. that’s what is all about,’ explains beatriz nuno, made studio product designer.
the wall light version




the collection gives a modern twist to the 1950s task lamp. sharp edged steel and polished brass combine to give it a more refined feel. the conical shape helps diffuse the light onto the surface below whilst the mesh material allows users to enjoy the bulb’s sculptural silhouette, even when turned off. 


‘the moody memoir collection builds on the plumen x made collaboration that saw great success with the plume and rehm pendant shade designs launched last year,’ continues nik roope, plumen co-founder and creative director. ‘this new shade family includes pendant, desk and wall sconce lamps to coordinate settings across any space. the black and brass colourways evoke the smoky, panelled of ces of tightly styled 50’s interiors with the ultra-modern inclusion of the sculpted plumen 002 LED bulb. a perforated metal sheet wraps the bulb, softening glare, directing light to where you need it, whilst adding texture and mystique as each tiny perforation acts as a camera obscura, sending tiny pockets of light across the space.’
the desk lamp
 pendant model
detail of the perforated metal