since starting its journey in 2017, the progressive and design-driven electric car brand polestar has not only been conceptualizing but also realizing a stimulating, pure and more beneficial future for mobility. they first introduced the electric hybrid polestar 1 in 2017 and then the all-electric polestar 2 in february 2019 at an online event – a signal for what to expect from all their models in the future. from electrification to design and even user and consumer experience, they think differently to the traditional conventions of automobile manufacturers not just to standout, but also in order to better the world one journey at a time.


their devotion to design is paramount. their CEO, thomas ingenlath, is a designer and actually the former head of design at volvo. the models so far – 1 and 2 – epitomize their commitment with stunning exteriors all the way to the colors and materials in the interior. this uncompromising dedication to design has led to polestar showcasing at milan design week 2019.

polestar pushes electric mobility into the light at milan design week 2019



titled ‘into the light’, polestar are celebrating the transition towards electric mobility during milan design week 2019. within an immersive and interactive installation, the enjoyment of this form of transportation is also highlighted to visitors. two iconic structures and objects of mobility are being reinterpreted and imagined for the future thanks to a collaboration between their in-house design team and swedish audio and visual experts, teenage engineering.



electrification is at the heart of polestar,‘ explains thomas ingenlath, polestar’s chief executive officer. ‘this is the dawn of a new and exciting electric age. aesthetics are an essential part of our brand, fitting perfectly with salone del mobile and other events at milan design week. the polestar design installations will be thought-provoking and encourage visitors to engage in conversations around the paradigm shift from fossil fuels to electric mobility.



dazzling as a vision of pure, radiating white, the ‘into the light’ installation greets visitors in the form of a fuel station which has been reimagined for the future. in a similar structure to the now common place architectural and cultural landmarks that are placed around our cities and along road networks, the fuel station is a symbol of our mobility achievements but also a reminder of our reliance on fossil fuels still to this day. polestar questions what will happen to these landmarks in the future; will they become relics of the past, will they be modernized for a new era of charging and electrification, or re-modelled as cultural spaces?

polestar pushes electric mobility into the light at milan design week 2019



through the fuel station and then inside the exhibition, polestar engages visitors with a highly sensorial yet informative game of slot car track. as the cars race around the circuit, guests feel as if actively making a contribution to the installation in the forms of movement, light and sound with the experience intensifying as more players join in. this cultural and playful setting resonates with both the memories of childhood and the vivid experiences of driving an automobile. the aim of the interactive design literally illuminates the fun and simplicity of driving with electricity.



polestar will be highlighting the enjoyment of electrification in milan’s tortona design district at opificio 31. it will be open to the public through the design week from 9 – 14 april, 2019, with a special evening event on april 10th.



installation info:


title: into the light

brand: polestar

collaborators: teenage engineering

location: opificio 31

dates: 9 – 14 april, 2019

times: 10:00 – 21:00