new polydrops P17 trailer is towable by any vehicle, including EVs and hybrids

new polydrops P17 trailer is towable by any vehicle, including EVs and hybrids

redefining 21st-century camping with the polydrops P17 


Electric camper trailer brand Polydrops releases its latest model, the P17, as a revamp of its original concept. This time, founders Kyunghyun Lew and Jieun Cha focused on bringing proper insulation to the design, a surprisingly lacking feature in typical trailers. Paired with plenty of versatile storage space, the P17 model, therefore, hopes to redefine camping in the 21st century by offering ‘unrivaled comfort under any weather condition’. 

polydrops redefines the future of camping 2

Polydrops P17 trailer



equipped with top-end insulation, battery, and solar power 


Specifically, the Polydrops P17 (see more here) is equipped with structural heat control that is up to the R-41 value of insulation; every thermal bridge is eliminated, minimizing the energy leakage and leading be the ultimate camping machine. Furthermore, equipped with an industry-leading LiFePO4 battery, 1000W pure sine wave inverter, and an optional 130W solar panel, users can power up several pieces of equipment, including a laptop, and connect to the internet with Starlink from anywhere in the world. ‘These features help convert P17 into a personal office within nature,’ explains the team.

polydrops redefines the future of camping 3



a versatile trailer design that can be towed by any vehicle


Layout-wise, the P17 holds a 1370mm x 1980mm mattress and a mobile kitchenette at the back. Accompanying the living cabin is plenty of storage space where users can keep their camping gears stowed away tidily. The first section is built at the front, large enough to carry any dirty camping gear, like chairs and tables, and even fit a portable toilet. Meanwhile, the kitchenette offers diverse storage solutions, including the PassThru cabinet. This thoughtful design can be accessed from both cabin and kitchenette, letting people cook outside and easily pass dishes to those staying inside‘, notes the founders.


Speaking of cooking, there are also three different heights of drawers located next to a Yeti cooler for users to organize their cookware. 

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P17 towed by a Tesla Model 3



Finally, the new camping trailer is designed to be towable by any vehicle, including EVs and hybrids. Polydrops’ recent CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) study of its 2021 teardrop trailer shows that the frontal, round-shaped area creates an excessive pressure drag due to the angle of the high-speed air coming from the towing vehicle. P17’s carefully designed front edge is optimized to slice the high-pressure air, effectively reducing air drag. ‘This achieves another goal of Polydrops, which is allowing users to tow and travel the P17 utilizing the electric or hybrid vehicle they drive daily,’ states the company. 

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polydrops redefines the future of camping 7

ample storage space fitted at the back of the trailer



polydrops redefines the future of camping 6

sleeping area

polydrops redefines the future of camping 12



front storage compartment
front storage compartment
PassThru cabinet
PassThru cabinet

project info:


name: Polydrops P17
design: Kyunghyun Lew, Jieun Cha




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