‘trim dolls’ by andrés martínez ricci are modeled after pop culture icons, here the TV shows ‘mad man’ and ‘breaking bad’ all images © josé cortés

trim doll‘ is a collection of paperdolls, created by argentinia-born, madrid-based illustrator andrés martínez ricci in the forms of pop culture icons from TV, movies, and music. the inaugural two models of the series are walter white from the TV series ‘breaking bad’ and don draper from ‘mad men’. like traditional children’s paperdolls, each figure can be clothed in a variety of different outfits included in the sheet (or creatable by crafty users themselves).

the limited edition ‘breaking bad‘ and ‘mad men‘ dolls can be purchased in the trimdoll online shop.

pop culture paperdolls ‘walter white’ of ‘breaking bad’

pop culture paperdolls like children’s paperdolls, the pop-out cardboard figures can be clothed in a variety of different outfits

pop culture paperdolls ‘don draper’ (‘mad men’) sheet

pop culture paperdolls ‘walter white’ (‘breaking bad’) sheet