pop-up pantone cafe serves up color-coded snacks in monaco
all images courtesy of pantone cafe




on the shores of the french riviera, monaco restaurant group has opened ‘pantone cafe‘, a vibrant bistro influenced by the color identification system created by lawrence herbert in 1963. from now until september 9, 2015, hungry visitors can nosh on a pantone 16-0924 croissant and sip pantone 17-1227 latte, amongst a host of color-coded sandwiches, salads and snacks. each edible responds to a matching hue — an eclair is paired with a rich, chocolate brown packaging; water bottles bear a soft blue label; and an aperol spritz is served in a vibrant orange vessel. in addition to the menu items, saturated tones are applied to folding chairs, food trays, napkins, and the façade of the pop-up restaurant, forming a visual and vibrant experience for visitors to the coastline microstate’s bustling grimaldi forum.

the exterior of the pop-up cafe is wrapped in two saturated colors

the chosen tones reflect the variety of colors that appear in the menu items

a diverse menu includes snacks, sandwiches and salads, each corresponding to a different color

hungry visitors can nosh on a ’16-0924 croissant’ and sip a ’17-1227 latte’

breakfast is served

food trays bear a diverse selection of vibrant tones

an eclair is served in a rich dark chocolate-colored packaging



colorful espresso machines line the bar



via [designboom español]